Every client has different needs, aims and budget.
I tailor my support accordingly. I offer:

Media Strategy Advice

So you need to raise your organisation’s profile…or you want to kickstart a campaign? Here’s how. This blueprint helps you establish your overall media goals; what parts of your project or campaign are likely to work in the press, what won’t.

Media Training

You have a couple of spokespeople needing to brush up their interview skills prior to a launch. Or may be you’re totally new to media but want to have a go. There’s nothing like learning by doing. You’ll do lots of hands-on practice broadcast and press interviews alongside the theory.

Practical Workshops


Jargon-busting facilitation to create an effective and clear message to reach a specific or wider audience. This is particularly useful for organisations requiring sensitive pitching because of common stereotypes, concerns or misconceptions. Messages need to adapt to changing social attitudes and press preoccupations, a structured workshop helps you to stay relevant.

Media Strategy

Facilitated group sessions focus on and establish the aims of a media campaign. Guided exercises pinpoint the policy change or opinion you need to influence. It’s important to identify what success looks like, whilst also recognising the risks of a raised media profile. You’ll be helped to plan how your organisation – with its capacity and skillset- can shape public discussion.

On-going Support

Preparing a campaign, report or new project to be fit for the media- from idea through to launch. Through my network of journalistic contacts and understanding of the press agenda I help organisations to pitch specific stories to the right journalists. The extent of my hands-on involvement varies according to each project and client.

Broadcasting Content for Websites

Do you want to show the human face of your campaign? Bring your website and social media alive with an engaging film or audio, telling your story in your own words. My many years in national broadcasting come into their own.

How I work

Again this depends. For some clients I work on a retainer basis over a set period of time, for others it’s a short-term project by project basis. Occasionally, I work on a fixed daily rate.

Everything I do is bespoke so if you think I can help but I haven’t mentioned your specific requirement or answered your query, get in touch.