Run for Justice

Run for Justice

‘We have a lot of cake sales coming our way,’ my friend Navita says as we accept sponsorship places to run London’s new Big Half in March next year. Baking – me? Soggy bottoms, sunken Victoria sandwiches spring to mind. Better think of something else to drum up support for frontline access to justice.

The London Legal Support Trust (LLST) provides much needed funds, legal expertise and a morale-boost to hard pressed, vital legal advice centres and citizens advice bureaus in London and the South East. Day-in-day out, against the odds these centres defy legal aid cuts giving professional advice to people facing homelessness, terrible rental conditions; family crises; work discrimination; children and women facing trafficking….the list goes on.

So my barrister friend will bake, I will blog. Over the next few months I intend to tell you about the people and lives helped by the London Legal Support Trust. Watch this space. Meantime, I’m off for a run.

You can find out more about the LLST:

Any support (financial or social media): Virgin Money Giving